MR ANTHONY KELLYNon-executive Director

    Mr Kelly joined Lindsay Australia Limited in May 2019 as an Independent Non-executive Director.

    Mr Kelly brings a wealth of knowledge and relevant industry insight to the Group, having over 25 years’ experience in the agricultural and horticulture industries including experience in imports/exports.

    Mr Kelly is currently a Director and Deputy Chair of Brisbane Markets Limited since 2002. He is also the Chair of the Legal and Compliance Committee and member of the Finance and Audit Committee and Remuneration Committee.

    Mr Kelly is currently Chairman and co-owner of Veracity Technology, an emerging IT company that specialises in cloud-based platforms and services. Mr Kelly has held previous directorships with Gladstone Ports Corporation, Brisbane Lions AFL Football Club (Chairman), Brismark (President) and Carter & Spencer Group.

    Mr Kelly is a qualified lawyer, having graduated from the University of Queensland in 1984.

    Mr Kelly has held no other directorships with other listed companies during the last three years.


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